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Project Financing

Every project, be it small or large requires financing. Uninterrupted inflow of funds is the lifeline of projects. If, for any reason, the financing partner backs out, it can hit the business hard, as the project will be temporarily stalled. Focus Financial and Management Consultants make it a point to search such financing sources for your projects that are trustworthy, match your needs and can assure funds for emergencies.

Our team comprises of project managers, consultants, financing experts and engineering professionals, who can interact with the clients, focus on their needs and find the best financer. For project financing, we consider the following points:

After considering the above points, we will prepare the structure of financing and estimate of the funds requirement. The technical and financial feasibility reports are also prepared by our team. We identify risks and help you to minimise them. This will form the base for finalising the financing partner.

We help you negotiate with the financers and get you the best deal. In fact, we will be by your side right from the procurement stage to the project closure stage and assist you in wrapping up the project. Talk to our project managers for an insight into the complete procedure and share with us your project details.