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LLP Formation

Limited liability partnerships are preferable for a number of business owners, as they combine the advantage of both partnerships and private companies. When you also want to enter into a partnership where your liability is restricted to the amount defined in the agreement formed at the time of setting up the business, we can help you create the partnership without any flaws.

We follow a detailed process for forming the LLP, starting with the assessment of the nature of business and the limit to be designated for each partner. The steps are as follows:

  • Identify the partners and designated partners, one of whom must be a resident of India
  • Obtain the Designated Partner Identification Number (DPIN)
  • Getting the digital signature certificate for the partners who are required to sign the documents digitally
  • Checking the availability of the name
  • Drafting of the LLP agreement stating the mutual rights and obligations
  • Filing of the documents for incorporation
  • Preparing the subscription sheet with signature of all the partners
  • Obtaining the certificate of incorporation for the LLP in Form-16

Many of our clients prefer LLP because it does not require a minimum capital investment. Further, there is no limit on the number of partners in a LLP. The process of registration is easy, and gets even more convenient when we are present to help you.

After the LLP has been formed and has started functioning as a separate entity, we undertake maintenance of the records and accounts of the business. We also handle the tax issues and file the annual returns. For all our services related to LLPs, contact us today.