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Joint Venture (JV) Reports

A company entering a joint venture (JV) with another company for a specific deal or on a long term basis will have to create and maintain accounting records separately for the JV. We offer professional services to business owners, to save them the hassle of maintaining the books. You can opt for creation of separate books or incorporate the entries in the accounts which are being maintained for the business as a whole.

We have many years' experience in dealing with joint ventures records, and serve all forms of JV requirements, whether:

  • The assets are jointly controlled
  • The operations are jointly controlled
  • Entities are jointly controlled

Depending on the nature and purpose of forming a joint venture, the accounting needs will change. Small businesses and emerging entrepreneurs often have to enter joint ventures to enable them to reach a larger customer base, or share the burden of production cost. Whatever be the motive of forming the JV, we maintain complete records and are able to prepare reports as and when required. Call us for a complete solution for your joint venture accounting.